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Patient's Care

Administration Greatness at Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital should do basically. Chettinad Super Speciality Clinics benchmarks with the best among the world's help associations to make a culture of Patient Commitment with a helpful vision of "Offering Care outstanding". Our most excellent resource is our connected labour force which invests heavily in their work and guarantees that each exchange is changed over into a vital experience for our Patients.

The greatness of Administration in Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital

1.Patient’s Speak

  • A powerful input instrument that has all the tuning in and gaining ports accessible to catch Patient criticism from all touch focuses

  • Uniquely In-House PRO's and Quality group to catch criticism and converts them into subjective and quantitative information that is utilised for growing new items and administrations to drive Patient Experience

2.Post-discharge Patient Care

  • A novel idea has been started to figure out valid patient voices after they get released from the Emergency clinic.

  • A devoted group of Medical services experts who are prepared and prepared to help patients post their release concerning future arrangements and drug management.

  • Feedback captured during post-discharge calling is used for Quality & Training purposes.

3.Service standards at Chettinad Super speciality Hospital

  • 750+ Basic patient standards produced for In-Patients/Out-Patients/Customized Wellbeing Examination/Office The Management of Chettinad Super Speciality.

  • All our Chettinad Hospital customer care associates are trained on these prescribed standards