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Vascular Surgery

At Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital, the Vascular Surgery department deals with all vascular diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatics. The vascular surgeon is a crucial team member of the trauma care team, dialysis department and stroke management team.

Vascular Surgery

Advanced & Specialised Surgeries

Vascular Surgery Treatments

Why Chettinad for Vascular Surgery?

Why Chettinad for Vascular Surgery?

One of the most comprehensive and best Vascular surgery setups in Chennai  - with its multidisciplinary team, with "all under one roof “ facilities. The well-trained operation theatre and cath lab technicians, round-the-clock - 24x7 trauma care and critical care management support, state-of-the-art ICU facility, dedicated nephrology team, world-class cardiothoracic, cardiology, interventional, neurosurgery team with seamless interdisciplinary management protocols make this the destination of choice for any vascular surgery. 
Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

  • USG Doppler machine
  • RF / Laser machine
  • Thrombectomy catheters
  • Cath Lab and angioplasty-related hardware
  • CT angio / MR angio

Varicose veins / venous ulcers

Usual presentations:- Dilated tortuous veins of legs with heaviness and swelling of leg/foot. May progress to skin changes in the form of dark discoloration/ulcer


  • Usually seen in advanced ages
  • Usual promotion is pain on walking which gradually progresses to pain during rest.
  • The advanced disease leads to gangrene of part / whole of the foot  / lower limb. 
  • Sometimes the presentation can be a non-healing  / spontaneous ulceration.

Acute Limb Ischemia

  • Sudden onset of severe pain with limbs getting cold / insensate / inability to move. Advanced disease may present with skin discolouration / blebs.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Sudden onset of limbs swelling.
  • Bursting pain especially on walking.
  • May follow prolonged immobilization / long travel/pregnancy / the following trauma.
  • Advanced - complications - pulmonary embolism with breathlessness/syncope and even death.

Arteriovenous malformation / venous malformation

  • May present since birth or may be noticed at different ages. Usually younger age of presentation. 
  • Limb - pulsatile / non-pulsatile swelling / may be painful / skin discoloration / bleeding (excessive on trivial injury) / limb hypertrophy / gangrene.


  • Can be present since birth or early teens.
  • Some causes associated with  filariasis
  • Non-resolving limb swelling
  • Skin coarsening
  • Ulceration / weeping wounds
  • Deformed foot with squaring of toes.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr Venkateshwar Ravi

Vascular Surgery

Dr Venkateshwar Ravi

MBBS., MS General Surgery., MCh Vascular Surgery.,

Expertise in

  • Dialysis
  • Access Surgery
  • Venous & Carotid Disease Treatment
  • Aortic Disease, Aneurysm Treatment
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment
  • Diabetic Foot Wound Care and Surgery
  • Lymphedema

Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Just having dilated veins don't demand surgery or intervention at the outset
    • Consult your vascular & endovascular surgeon and he will advise the best management for the problem.
    • Many times lifestyle modifications and compression stockings are all that is required.
    • However, this decision should be taken after a consultation with a vascular surgeon 
    • If your condition is severe and if it is causing ulcers, then the surgeon will recommend simple surgeries to get rid of varicose veins.

    • Diabetes is a leading cause of peripheral vascular disease. Toe/foot numbers can be attributed to vasculopathy / Neuropathy.
    • It's advisable to get 6 monthly checkups for patients with long-standing diabetes (>10 years)
    • It is advisable to consult a multi-speciality hospital with endocrinology, neurology, vascular surgery departments that work together for the welfare of the patient with diabetes 

    • Usually claudication that is pain on walking is attributed to vascular diseases.
    • People who smoke are highly susceptible to develop peripheral vascular disease and early consultation and complete abstinence from smoking can help a lot.

    Usually, atherosclerosis involves all the vessels of the body and patients with coronary artery disease have associated peripheral vascular disease also and vice versa. So a vascular surgeon consultation is advisable.

    • If you're planning for long travel it is advisable to take short breaks in between and wear compression stockings.
    • Intermittent walking / limb elevation is advisable.
    • In case of acute limb swelling / pain consult a centre with a vascular surgery speciality and cath lab facility.

    • Stroke can be because of multiple causes.
    • Those secondary to carotid disease are fairly common and most of them are treatable. So early diagnosis and management is better.

    A vascular surgeon is specially trained for any sort of vascular disease, vascular reconstruction, and various kinds of hemodialysis access and he is the most competent person to manage any complications what so ever arise during / post-procedure period. Other specialists may not be able to provide comprehensive care to a vascular case. So a vascular department at Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital, kelambakkam is the best place for any vascular-related problems.

    • Not at all. Angioplasty means treating diseased stenosed vessels through intraluminal access.
    • It is carried out for coronary (Heart) vessels and peripheral vessels alike.