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Advanced & Super Specialized in General Surgeries

Speciality introduction: General laparoscopic surgery is a broad speciality catering to your various surgical problems pertaining to GI diseases line appendicitis gallstones hernia various gi tumours which are treated by various open laparoscopic laparoscopic procedures surgical treatment of thyroid breast disease skin + soft tissue tumours, ulcers, sinuses, fistula is also a part of general surgery.

Advanced & Super Specialized in General Surgeries

Advanced & Specialised Treatments

General Surgeries

Why Chettinad for all kind of general surgeries?

Why Chettinad for your General Surgery Treatment?

Why Chettinad for your General Surgery Treatment?

Chettinad and a leading speciality hospital with excellent infrastructure, and a dedicated team of doctors with more than decades of experience in treading your surgical problems by open and minimal access /keyhole surgery which helps the patient to rover faster and at the same time get the best care of personal touch from the surgical team which makes yours stay comfortable for a smooth recovery.
Specialized infrastructure / equipment /personnel

Specialized infrastructure / equipment /personnel

1. State of art operating rooms
2. Deluxe / semi-deluxe rooms
3. HD laparoscopic equipment/harmonic scalpel
4. Round-the-clock surgical ICU
5. Experienced surgeons and anaesthetists
6. Dedicated nursing paramedical staff, OT tech

Condition Treated at the Dept. of General Surgery

Gall Stones

The gall bladder is a small pouch attached to the under the surface of the liver which is responsible for storing the dispective juice called like and concentrating them to pushing them into the bike ducts to reach the intestine and mix with food called stones form due to reach unhealthy diet habits. Haemdysis pregnancy etc and can cause infection and inflammation of the gall bladder called cholecystitis they are rated by surgery laparoscopic removed of the gall bladder.


Appendix a small with a tickle tubular structure located in the abdomen at the meeting point of a small or large Piston can get infected by swelling due to the stone. The blocking of the mouth as well as other research like a woman's lamp notes eliminate extra and can result in complications. If not treated on time surgically they are removed by laparoscopy called.

Breast Lump

Breast lumps are common in women of all age groups bacon lamps are common in Young women with various cancers and are received in the middle of early age, not alarms need surgery. They can be digit And by chemical examinations of numerical when there is Canvas Juice pencil buy used is addicted beginning lamps can be removed surgically where is cancer needs masturbatory compared in chemo/ Radiator therapy.

Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid disorders are common in women Linda's production of thyroid can be managed in medical power production needs to be evaluated and managed by medication or surgery noodles are also common in the thyroid which is mostly being but sometimes thyroid cancers can also assess their conditions are treated by surgical removing the thyroid gland.

Proctology Diseases

Common diseases of the anus/reactions include abscesses, abscesses disease physical etc. Common these problems present with blood diamond stalled Spain feelings in anal region discharge of blood. But this can be designed by simply react examinations and managing other matches Kelly is surgical treatment also includes laser treatment in painless for certain conditions.


Hernia is basically a gap/defect in the abdominal muscular through which the contents inside like intestines, Dementum (fat) or bladder can protrude through.these defects could be congenital acquired following straining obesity pregnancy or even following a surgery /incision on the abdomen. depending on life they are inguinal hernia umbilical hernia incisional etc. they are treated by open as well as laparoscopic surgeries.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr. Kiran B Kaundinya

General Surgery

Dr. Kiran B Kaundinya

MBBS., MS (General Surgery).,

Expertise in

  • General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Thyroid & Breast Surgery
  • Proctology – Piles
  • Trauma Surgery, Cancer Screening & Treatment
  • Endoscopy & Colonoscopy
  • Hernia & Anti-reflux Surgeries

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Laparoscopy is a technique where we do surgeries in the abdomen by making small incisions (0.5 -1 cm) and using a camera & Specialized instruments, we operate & treat the diseases .their main advantage is it helps in quick recovery, is less painful compared to open surgeries, reduce hospital stay & infection rates, and cosmetically appealing as they have to are minimum scars.

    Gallstones can develop due to unhealthy diet habits or they can develop with age (after 40's) and are more common in women, especially during pregnancy. The stones once formed can be reversed and there are no medications to lyse the stones. The only treatment option is the surgical removal of the gallbladder. There is no issue with digestion following the surgery as bile is produced in the liver not the gallbladder and it will continue to happen even after surgery.

    Yes, appendicitis can be managed with medicines like antibiotics during an infection but the problem is subacute appendices. These acute appendices operate and surgically remove the appendix.

    Hernias are always treated by surgery. the gap/defect needs to be closed and placing a synthetic much over the muscles reinforces and strengthens the weak muscle wall. They are done by open as well as surgery really exercise should be avoided if you have a hernia as it can the gap or cause complications.

    Breast cancer is known to be familiar due to gane meditation if someone in your family had a history of breast cancer, it is safe to get screened for it in the early stage by a mammogram done on yearly basis also a simple clinical self-examination can help identify small lumps. Even if it is cancer detection at an early stage can be completely cured.