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Chettinad Fertility Services - Dept. of Reproductive Medicine & Andrology

Chettinad Fertility Services was established in the year 2007 by pioneers in the field of Reproductive Medicine & Andrology, to provide medical care for couples who are trying to conceive and for those with sexual problems. This is a Tamil Nadu State Government-certified centre for Assisted Reproduction and is one of the earliest centres to be established in Chennai. The centre has been providing personalized, ethical and evidence-based fertility treatment for the past 15 years and is run by a team of efficient and internationally acclaimed specialists. Services offered comprise basic evaluation and simple treatment modalities to advanced procedures like IVF/ICSI with a high success rate.

Chettinad Fertility Services - Dept. of Reproductive Medicine & Andrology

Advanced & Specialised IVF Treatments

360 degree Infertility Services

Our Fertility Services for your care ?

Our Fertility Services for your care ?

We give paramount importance to counselling which most of the time improves the chance of a natural conception in our patients. Specific treatment modalities, individualized to the couple are offered as and when indicated after a detailed discussion with the couple. Utmost respect is given to couple’s preference at every step of fertility treatment, prioritizing and maintaining confidentiality. The centre provides good success rates with minimal investigations, medications, surgical procedures and targeted treatment, thus being able to achieve outstanding results at an affordable cost. Almost all procedures done are day-care and do not require hospital admission. The centre employs staffs who have vast experience and are well-trained in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology, with a dedicated and empathetic approach towards couples who seek infertility treatment. This has always been evident from the exemplary feedback given by the couples regarding their unconstrained and peaceful experience in the centre during the evaluation and treatment period.
Specialized infrastructure/equipment/personnel

Specialized infrastructure/equipment/personnel

The centre meets world-class standards in terms of infrastructure, equipment and patient care. Consultation for male and female infertility and all procedures including ultrasound, semen analysis and surgical procedures for IVF/ICSI is offered under a single roof in a space dedicated to fertility care. This helps in establishing good patient-staff rapport and also provides a seamless experience with lesser clinic hours for the patients. The team consists of doctors, nurses and technicians who have an experience of over 10 years and an outstanding knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine and surgery, andrology, reproductive endocrinology and embryology.

Infertility Condition Treatments & Procedures

PCOS/Irregular menstruation

PCOS affects the normal menstrual cycle. Fertility of the couple is affected as there is no ovulation or alteration in the pattern of ovulation. A fertility specialist will evaluate, and identify the underlying problem and will advise on lifestyle modification or prescribe medications to induce ovulation and help the couple conceive.


Endometriosis is a common condition where the woman may experience painful periods affecting the quality of life. Sometimes they do not have any symptoms but still present with infertility and ultrasound scan may reveal a chocolate cyst or other features suggestive of endometriosis. A laparoscopic surgery is not always necessary. The doctor evaluates the patient and decides on further management which would be appropriate for the patient and the couple who seek infertility treatment.

Unexplained Infertility

The couples who are unable to conceive despite most of the investigations being normal come under the category of unexplained infertility. There are very few causes of infertility that can be evaluated and most of the causes cannot be identified by blood tests, scans or any other investigating modality. In this condition, the fertility specialist does the basic evaluation of both partners and decides on the treatment modality taking into consideration the other aspects related to their fertility.

Tubal Block

The fallopian tubal block is a common cause of infertility in young women. A simple diagnostic procedure like hysterosalpingogram will identify the status of the fallopian tubes. Depending on the results, the fertility specialist decides on the most appropriate treatment for the couple. In case both the tubes are blocked, assisted reproduction by IVF/ICSI would be the best option for the couple.

Low sperm count/ No sperms

Azoospermia is a major cause for male factor infertility and can be identified by a simple semen test. Further tests are undertaken to identify the cause for less or no sperms in the semen sample and based on the cause, medical management or surgical sperm retrieval can be done. Assisted reproductive techniques like IVF/ ICSI are used to achieve pregnancy if count is very less and cannot be treated medically or in case of surgically retrieved spermatozoa.

Sexual Dysfunction

Difficulties in performing normal sexual intercourse can be experienced both by men and women. Commonly erectile dysfunction in men and vaginismus in women causes inability to perform intercourse. This can lead to infertility and causes stress to the couple. Seeking medical help is essential to identify the cause and treat accordingly. Couple may sometimes require concurrent counseling by a specialist.

Known Genetic Diseases – Embryo Testing Procedures

A man or woman having a genetic disease can transmit the same disease to the offspring. For such couple, assisted reproductive technique (IVF/ICSI) can be performed and few cells from the embryos formed are tested to identify the presence of the genetic disease. The embryos free of the genetic condition can be transferred to result in a pregnancy with a child without the known genetic disease.

Recurrent Miscarriage

Some couple may not have difficulty in conception, but the pregnancy may not result in a live birth due to various issues. The cause could be a chromosomal abnormality in the fetus, abnormalities of the uterus, hormonal imbalance, problems with blood supply to the fetus or other associated medical conditions. When the woman has experienced two or more miscarriages, she will be evaluated along with her partner to elucidate the cause for the repeated miscarriages and further management will depend on the reports.

Premature Ovarian Failure

Some women experience cessation of menses very early in life. This could be due to certain genetic conditions or due to any medical therapy or surgery done earlier which may result in loss of ovarian function. Diagnosing this condition is important as these women may have associated medical conditions which will require treatment and the only available option for fertility in these women is to opt for a donor oocyte. Using a donor oocyte, IVF/ICSI can be done with the husband’s sperms, and the embryos transferred to the woman where she can carry the pregnancy and deliver the child.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr. Puvithra Thanikachalam

Fertility Clinic

Dr. Puvithra Thanikachalam


Expertise in

  • Female Infertility
  • Andrology (Male Infertility & Sexual function)
  • PCOS & Endometriosis
Dr. S. Sowbarnika

Fertility Clinic

Dr. S. Sowbarnika

DCE., M.Sc.,

Expertise in

  • Genetic/ ART counseling 
  • Semen analysis and preparation 
  • Semen, oocyte, embryo cryopreservation & thawing

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Procedures done for IVF are not very complicated as it is posed generally. The woman may require a few days of injections for follicular growth, following which the eggs are retrieved under anaesthesia. This procedure is done vaginally under ultrasound guidance and therefore there are no surgical scars in the abdomen. It is a day care procedure where patient can return to her normal activity on the very same day a few hours after the procedure.

    Definitely not. The women can carry on with their usual routine (including job, household work, brisk walking, exercise) during the procedure and even after the embryo transfer. Physical activity as such does not affect the chance of conception during fertility treatment. As the woman is taking treatment to achieve a pregnancy, it is preferable to avoid acquiring any form of infection, as the infection or the drugs taken for it can affect the fetal development.

    Physical fitness does not translate to normal fertility or normal semen parameters. Sperm production can be affected due to various factors including genetic causes, infections, previous surgeries, and many more unknown factors. Therefore, semen analysis forms one of the first steps of evaluation in a couple who seek fertility evaluation and treatment.

    Irregular periods equate to disturbances in hormonal function which has thereby affected ovulation. Normal and regular ovulation is required for conception and therefore irregular menstruation will affect or delay the chance of conception and also makes it practically difficult to time intercourse during the fertile period. The fertility specialist helps in evaluating the cause for the irregular menstruation and provides fertility treatment accordingly.

    Yes. Secondary infertility after a previous childbirth or a previous miscarriage is also a common occurrence. The couples therefore require evaluation and appropriate treatment based on the reports and their history.