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Specialized ENT Treatments

ENT Department at Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with all Diagnostic types of equipment to asses Ear, Nose & Throat ailments along with an Audiology & speech therapy Department to evaluate hearing, imbalance & speech disorders. It also houses specialised operation theatre facilities with advanced pieces of equipment exclusively for the ENT Department. There are efficient senior ENT professionals to manage the patients effectively. Most procedures are provided as daycare, with insurance coverage.

Specialized ENT Treatments

Advanced & Specialised Surgeries

ENT Care

Why Chettinad for your ENT Treatments?

Our ENT Department

Our ENT Department

Chettinad ENT Dept. houses all Diagnostic equipments for evaluation of Ear, Nose, and throat ailments & all advanced surgeries & equipments with skilled professionals to take care of the Patients effectively.
Specialised Infrastructure

Specialised Infrastructure

We have Microdebrider to shave the nasalpolyps, to clear fungal sinusitis. 

Advanced 3 Chip camera, wide-angled Telescopes, Microscope to perform Ear Nose Throat surgeries effectively.

Micro instruments, Marathon drill for Ear & Nose surgeries, Radio Coablator for Tonsillectomies and nasal surgeries. 

ENT Condition Treatments & Procedures

Pituitary (Prolactinoma)

Patient presents in ENT & Neurosurgery department with severe headache, blurring of vision, problems in the field of vision, milk secretion for more than 1-2 years.  MRI brain with PNS helps in clinching the diagnosis. Treated by surgical excision of the brain tumour through nose - Endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary tumor excision through nose without opening the Skull.

Adeno Tonsillitis

Patient presents with severe throat-pain, difficultly in swallowing mouth breathing, fever, Halitosis. If it's acute, patient is admitted and treated with parental antibiotics. If it is recurrent and chronic Adenotonsillectomy surgery is done.

Acute Otitis Media

Child presents with severe ear ache mostly in the morning with or without ear discharge. Mostly secondary to URI. Need to be examined by ENT specialist and treated.

Acute Fungal Otitis Media

Presents with blackish ear discharge & severe earache. H/o swimming or water getting into the ear present. Effective suction clearance of discharge and antifungal medications will help to clear the problem.

Chronic Allergic Sinusitis

Patients presents with sneezing- with Nasal Block, Loss of smell, Postnasal drip, and Headache on and off for many years. Proper evaluation followed by medication and surgery helps in solving the problem.

CSF Rhinorrhea

Patient present with spontaneous clear watery discharge on bending down. H/o Headache with Hypertension, weight gain, trauma would be prominent, CT scan of paranasal sinuses, MRI Brain, cisternography, diagnostic nasal endoscopy helps in identifying the site of the leak. Treatment is by surgery - Endoscopy CSF leak closure is done.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr. R. Shyamala


Dr. R. Shyamala

MBBS., D.L.O (Otorhinolaryngology-ENT).,

Expertise in

  • Entire Spectrum of Endoscopic Nose, Sinus & skull base Surgeries
  • Endoscopic Ear surgeries
  • Endoscopic Microlaryngeal surgeries for voice disorders
  • Endoscopic Adenoidectomy & Myringotomy in children

Frequently Asked Questions:

    This could be age-related, degenerative disorder of inner ear. Both hearing & balance are taken care by inner ear cochlea & vestibular apparatus. You will need thorough evaluation & medical treatment & rehabilitative exercises in long run.

    Sinuses are air filled chambers in the facial skull bones. If the lining mucosa of the sinusus get swollen up you get sinusitis. It can be short living (common cold) - acute or long-standing (allergy anatomical deformative) - chronic. It is not dangerous. Acute can be treated by medication. Chronic sinusitis need surgical intervention and medication.

    Bleeding from the nose if it is profuse in large quantities, is an emergency as the patient can go into shock. If it is accruing in drops and small amounts it- loud be due to local problems in the nose. Hypertension is the commonest cause of nosebleeds in adults. Nose picking is the commonest cause in children. It is wise to rush the patient to a hospital with an emergency care department if a nosebleed is encountered. Chettinad Super Speciality has the best Emergency Care department in OMR-ECR area in Chennai with 24x7 emergency physicians and specialists. This zero-delay emergency caters to both pediatric and adult emergencies. 

    Yes snoring, can also cause temporary stopping of breathing called apnoea. This can lead to low oxygen-carrying capacity of blood to the brain. Patients may not feel fresh and feel sleepy in the morning and fall asleep in seconds if they are idle. Quality of life on the professional front takes a set back due to this. Sleep study helps to assess the severity. Chettinad Super Speciality has an excellent sleep study department and pulmonologist who can assess your airways and apnoea and hypopnea index.  Treatment with a CPAP machine helps in most cases. Surgical correction aimed at widening the oropharyngeal airway also helps some people. This can be done by efficient ENT surgeons.

    Persistent nose block may be due to nasal septal deviation - bony cartilage being bent inside the nose, with ballooning of turbinate bones. This can be easily relieved with Endoscopic examination & correction surgery for good permanent results. - Septoturbinoplasty is a simple surgery and can provide lasting relief from nose block. Chettinad super speciality hospital is the best hospital for ENT endoscopic treatments due to the state-of-the-art equipment and experienced surgeons of repute. 

    Persistent sneezing, and running nose,  are signs of nasal allergy & polyps in the nose & sinuses. It needs good evaluation to find the root cause & may need endoscopic polypectomy along with medical treatment for allergy. The ENT doctors a Chettinad Super Speciality are experienced and are equipped with specialised equipment to deal with such polyps in the most non-invasive way. Chettinad Super Speciality is surely the best hospital for ENT treatments for nasal polyps and other endoscopic surgeries 

    Your child is likely to have adenoids enlargement behind the nose blocking the airway. This can also affect hearing in the long run. It needs careful examination, investigation & adenoidectomy by surgery - Endoscopic Adenoidectomy can be performed at Chettinad super speciality hospital and we also have an excellent pediatric team hospital that takes care of the little ones .