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General Medicine

General medicine covers a vast spectrum of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and thyroid, plays an important role in fever diagnosis and management. Also concentrates on providing preventive care, such as immunisation and health counselling.

General Medicine

Excellence in General Medicine

Why Chettinad for General Medicine?

Why Chettinad for General Medicine?

We here are a team of experts with a patient-oriented service attitude. We have state-of-the-art facilities with supporting clinical & para clinical teams in our field of expertise.
Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

We have specialised lab services and state-of-the-art lab service and imaging services in our field of expertise and we provide a holistic approach in treating all our patients

Super Speciality Treatments for General Medicine


It’s one of the most common comorbid conditions in our country and can be easily diagnosed through screening and treatment. This silent killer disease has to be regularly monitored and followed up to avoid long-term debilitating compilations.


This is one of the most common comorbid conditions, which can be treated as an outpatient. The importance of keeping this disease under check is to avoid life-threatening complications like stroke, intracranial bleeding, heart attack, and kidney failure.


Most of the fevers tend to be uncomplicated. But all fevers need to be diagnosed and treated in the early stage to avoid compilation. Some fevers tend to last longer than a week which needs immediate treatment and diagnosis.


It is a chronic debilitating disease that can occur in any age group. Regular treatment and follow-up of this disease are required to maintain a good quality of life for all patients irrespective of age.


This life-threatening disease if appropriately managed can save lives. This can be prevented with appropriate vaccinations.

Preventive health check-up

Annual health checkup is recommended for all adults to screen for comorbid conditions like diabetes, and hypertension. Many a time life-threatening conditions that can be picked up and treated at early stages can be identified.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr. S. Sakthivel

General Medicine

Dr. S. Sakthivel

MBBS, M.D (General Medicine)

Expertise in

  • Mgmt. of various Diabetic Emergencies
  • Mgmt. of Medical Respiratory Emergencies
  • Diabetes & Cardiac Diseases Management
  • Hypertension Management
Dr. T. Mahesh

General Medicine

Dr. T. Mahesh

MBBS., DNB(General Medicine).,

Expertise in

  • Fevers, Diabetes, Hypertension & Complex Medical Problems
  • Acutely ill patients requiring intensive care
  • Difficult-to-diagnose conditions
  • Tertiary Care Management
Dr. N. K. Uthra

General Medicine

Dr. N. K. Uthra


Expertise in

  • Fever Diagnosis
  • Diabetic & Hypertension Management 
  • Intensive Care
  • Complex Diagnosis
  • Emergency Management 
  • Holistic Care


Patients Speak

patient speak Chettinad Hospital

Simon Bibby

    |My name is Simon Bibby. I'm from Japan playing International Chess games. I felt sick three days ago and went to the medical center at the Olympiad. Quickly they identified there was quite a problem, problem, and they noticed that my oxygen levels were dropping in my blood. They called an ambulance. I received oxygen in the ambulance, and I arrived here at Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital very promptly. I've been receiving lots of medical treatments. The hospital has been very welcoming, very efficient, very friendly. I very much appreciate the staff, how well they've received me. So thank you to everybody, to the staff here at the hospital, to the medical center staff at the Olympiad, and to all the administration staff for making everything quite smooth in a strange and difficult situation. So I very much appreciate it. Thanks to everybody.
patient speak Chettinad Hospital

Ms. María Rodríguez

    Hi, My name is María Rodríguez from the Costa Rica. I am staying 2 days in the hospital. Thanks to the medical team that has treated me super well I feel better now and I can compete again tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    The medicine that you take can interact with other medicines, foods and supplements. Some medications are not right for people with certain conditions, some people are allergic to certain medications. Frequent unmonitored use of painkillers can lead to gastric ulcers and renal failure. Some medicines are not safe during pregnancy.

    Annual vaccination for influenza is recommended due to changes in viral strains frequently. Its recommended for all adults and anyone above 6 months of age to go for the vaccine. The ideal time for vaccine is September to October. The northern hemisphere & march or April is for the southern hemisphere.

    Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally but the main reason is the misuse of antibiotics and inappropriate use of antibiotics through over the counter without a prescription and discontinuing the antibiotic without completing the course.

    Most fevers tend to be self-limiting. viral fevers which do not require antibiotics and limit themselves to 5 to 7 days. In case the fever is not settling down by 3 days or a continuous high fever with cough, breathing difficulties disorientation and any other discomfort, it is prompted to see a physician.

    Most diabetic patients tend to have diabetic neuropathy. Any injury, stones, or dirt particles in the feet goes unnoticed due to the lack of sensation, which leads to ulcers in combination with poor sugar control. It is recommended to keep the feet dry, do daily cleaning of feet and wear diabetic slippers both inside & outside the home.