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A Dermatologist is a medical expert who treats any problem related to skin, hair and nail. Taking proper treatment from a dermatologist can help you get rid of all your skin issues live acne, urticaria, psoriasis and hair loss issues. They also do procedures for cosmetic issues helping patients to rejuvenate the skin & hair.


Advanced & Specialised Treatments

Complete Skin Care

Why Chettinad for your skin related problems?

Why Chettinad for your Dermatology?

Why Chettinad for your Dermatology?

We practice clinical and aesthetic dermatology with newest technology and safety on highest level. We expertise in PRP Therapy for hair growth & acne scars, chemical peels, Botox, RF for wart & mole excision & other cosmetic procedures. We are proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin, hair and nail.
Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

1. PRP 2. Radio frequency 3. Micro dermabasion 4. Micro needling 5. Chemical peels

Condition treated at the Dept. of Dermatology


Acne is an inflammatory condition affecting all age groups, more commonly in adolescents. It occurs over the face & to some extent over the chest & back. It is not related early, many of the acne sessions can produce pigmentations and scarring. So, patients need to consult carry to prevent the same.

Ringworm Infection (Dermatophyosis)

It is a common fungal infection that produces ring like rashes with itching. It is increased due to excessive sweating & unhygienic practices. Can spread to others if not treated properly. Strictly avoid over the drugs for the same. Taking appropriate antifungals will treat the same & prevent further spread of infection.


It is a skin disorder characterised by which patches over the skin, sometimes in the lip & genitalia. It is mostly genetic. There are so many effective medications for treating this & certain products are very promising if the medication fails.


It is a common allergic condition, where patient get hives over the body with severe itching that subsides in a day. By analysing the root cause & with proper medication. It is controlled to a very good extent.


Bacterial & viral infections are also common in skin. They may appear as red bumps which are very painful, some of them discharging bumps. Some can get anywhere in the body. Maintain proper hygiene & consult at the earliest for control of infection.


It is an inflammatory condition where scaly patches over the body & scalp. Some can have joint pain. It is sometimes genetic but could be due to various other reasons. So get treated early to avoid complications & for good control of psoriasis.


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Dr Mithra Vasanth Vignesh


Dr Mithra Vasanth Vignesh

MBBS., MD., Dermatology, Venerology & Leprology.,

Expertise in

  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Lasers in Dermatology & Aesthetics - Q-switched Nd Yag / Pico Laser / Laser Hair Reduction
  • Scar Management - MNRF / Micro Needling  / Subscision
  • Skin Rejuvenation Procedures - RF tightening / HIFU / Injectables
  • Hair Growth Treatments
  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Frequently Asked Questions:

    It is platelet-rich plasma. Here, the patient’s own blood is processed to get platelet-rich plasma. Here there are no side effects. Very safe & highly effective hair growth & scars. Approximately 3-5 sessions may be required. (1 session – per month)

    RF is a device that uses radiofrequency waves to remove various skin growth line warts, moles, DPN & cysts. It is painless. Effects are immediate with no downtime.