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Neurologist treat a neurological disease such as stroke seizure disorders, movement disorders - palki ansh disorders hyperkinetic disorder autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis headache and dementia, international neurology - endovascular therapy cathet


Advanced & Specialised Surgeries

Neuro Surgery Treatments

Why Chettinad for all kind of Neuro Surgeries?

Why Chettinad for your Neuro Care?

Why Chettinad for your Neuro Care?

Integrated neuro care is our primary approach. There are several specialties with in neurosciences it self neurology interventional neurological care and these are supported by neuro rehabilitation
Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

Specialised Infrastructure / Equipment / Personnel

Speciality for management of stroke epilepsy movement disorders dementia neuro intensive care unit MRI, CT scan, Cath lab equipment electro electrophysiology laboratory

Best Neuroscience & Neuro Surgery Treatments


Loss of blood to fact of the brain lack of o2 and nutrients cause brain damage Ischemic stroke - blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain hemorrhagic stroke - blood vessel that breaks and bleeds into the brain.


Brain activity becomes abnormal causing periods of unusual behaviour sensations and loss of awareness.


Headache is a pain in any region of the head two types -1 primary headache -tension-type, migraine, cluster secondary headache -spinal headaches thunderclap headaches.

Movement Disorder

Parkinson's disease brain disorder that causes unintended or uncontrollable movement - shaking, stiffness and difficulty in balance and coordination


Loss of cognitive functioning - thinking remembering and reasoning that interferes with a person daily life and activities ranges in severity from the mildest stage to the most severe stage.

Autoimmune disease of CNS

Body's immune system mistakenly attacks the cns which comprises the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves peripheral nerves, neuromuscular junction and skeletal muscle


Chettinad Super Speciality Consultants

Prof. Dr. M. Devaprasad


Prof. Dr. M. Devaprasad

MBBS., DNB (Gen. Med)., DM (Neuro)., PhD.,

Expertise in

  • Critical care neurology
  • Treatment of refractory
  • Status epilepticus
  • Stroke, advanced parkinsonism and CNS infections

Frequently Asked Questions:

    It is type of procedure to improve the blood flow in an artery, during the procedure, we use a thin tube with a balloon At its tip to open up the artery.

    Treatment of dementia depends upon the cause. it can be reversible or irreversible. Treatable causes are depression adverse effects of drugs, nutritions conditions -VIT B12 endocrine conditions -hypothyroidism.

    It is used in neurology to treat muscle hyperactivity disorders including dystonia , Spasticity, Hemifacial spasms and serebral palsi.

    Digital subtraction angiography is a fluoroscopy technique used for visualizing vessels. indication for endovascular aneurysm repair artenalis balloon angioplasty stenting and thrombectomy

    Indicated for patients with acute ischemic stroke due to large vessel in the anterior and posterior circulation Who can be treated with in 24 hrs of the time last known to be well.

    Stop blood flow to specific blood vessel. planning a substance in the vessel to prevent blood from flowing through it.

    Worst ever headache associated with slurred speech, a change in vision, problems moving your arms or legs, loss of balance and confusion.